My Moving Booklet

Excerpt taken from B at Home:

Emma, would you come here for a minute, please?”

Emma walks into class and looks over at Juf Anja. She wonders if she did really badly on yesterday’s math quiz. 

“Good morning, Juf Anja,” Emma says, walking up to her teacher’s desk. Juf Anja is holding a small book bound together by a plastic ring spine. It has Emma’s name on it.

“I’d like to give you something I made for you. It’s a Moving Booklet.” 

Emma looks at her with quizzical, yet curious, eyes. 

“It’s filled with pages for you to write all about your moving experience. Kind of like a diary.” Juf Anja opens it up. “Look, on the first page you can write about when you found out you were moving. I added a little map of Europe so you can show where you are going to, and here you can add a map of Luxembourg.” Juf Anja points to the space next to the small map. “There are a few more pages, like these where you can note some of your favorite memories about your home, school, and friends. Anyway, why don’t you have a look through it?”

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